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Exploring Emotions and Trauma Release for the Hips

Go gently and cautiously into this work. We’ll only be scratching the surface in this video, but nonetheless I recommend having a friend or therapist on hand to process through any big feelings that may come up, especially if you suspect you are holding emotions or trauma in this area. Grab a journal or sketchbook before you begin and take some notes on what you think you might find, and then on what you actually do encounter and discover. If you need more structured help with this kind of work, please check out my 6 week program on unlocking trauma in the body.

Hip Circles

This is a great daily movement practice for increasing mobility and awareness in the hips, smoothing out gait, and just getting your blood circulating. Keep it easy! 

Low back circles

This slow low back opener is great if you tend to be tight, compressed, stiff in the low back. If you have electric or shooting pain down the legs, don’t do this one, just give me a call at 415-735-1778, and let me see if I can help.

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