I was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (a genetic defect in the growth of my long bones) when I was 12 years old, and underwent a series of corrective surgeries to reduce the knee pain I had been experiencing since I was 7. Because of these surgeries, I can walk relatively normally and painlessly, now, but spent a lot of my childhood , youth, and young adulthood feeling, well… broken. I was fat because I couldn’t exercise, on crutches for a year in 8th grade, and obviously gay. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere, least of all in my body, which I felt had totally betrayed me.

I have spent years learning to overcome both the physical limitations that the condition and surgery created, as well as learning to re-write the story of my body. I went from broken to whole (side note: to heal comes from an old word that means literally to make whole), and from self-loathing to in love with my body and my life. I use everything I’ve learned from my own healing, and everything I’ve learned from my patients so far, to help you go from managing symptoms and “dealing with it” to loving your life and thriving.

I take particular delight in working with “special” bodies; i.e., those  who also have a history of surgery, early injury, or genetic variation. I also particularly love working with people who feel like their body has betrayed them, not ever fit in, or just gone awry. Whatever your history, whatever has happened to you and your body, I look forward to helping you find your thriving life again.

I  have been passionate about serving the LGBTQ, poly, and kinky communities since I began working in health and wellness, and actively welcome trans, queer, poly, and kinky people (and all of our allies!)  to join my practice in full confidence of being a part of an affirming, celebratory community.