Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who started getting defensive? They couldn’t really hear what you were trying to say, right?
Have you ever been that person: too defensive to hear what was really being said?
We all have, right? 

That same thing that happens between people also happens inside your body; when your body goes into protective defense, your brain shifts gears into fight-or-flight mode. We have a threat response, and gear up to survive. 
Normally we just shake off a threat response once we are safe again. But if that threat is overwhelming (a big injury or trauma) or happens repeatedly over time (anything from bad ergonomics to abusive relationships to living in an environment that is dangerous to you), your body very wisely decides that protective posture is actually the safest way to be, and glues the protection down with scar tissue between joints.
When this happens –
  1. Body goes into protective posture
  2. Brain gears up for survival
  3. Scar tissue fixates the joints in place

– we call that a subluxation in chiropractic. Your whole body is affected. You are spending energy on “just managing” instead of on *thriving.*

Chiropractic is the practice of bringing the body back out of protection, and back into healing, growth, and thriving. By gently removing the fixations from the spine and restoring normal posture, your brain drops out of protection and your whole body begins to heal.