This is a “playlist” of videos you can use to help reduce the discomfort and tension of airplane travel. Try them all if you can.¬†

You can do the Open Your Whole Spine video while in the plane seat. You may need to skip the big circles at the end unless no one is sitting next to you. ūüėČ

You can definitely do the entire Movement Meditation for the Neck while in flight. In fact, I recommend slowing it down even further than in this video, and take a full 30-45 minutes to go through these six slow motion movements. It may stave off the boredom of long flights, but it will certainly reduce the stiffness and tension that our necks end up with while in those uncomfortable seats!

The Lumbar Circles practice is best for while you’re waiting to board, or waiting to pick up luggage. If your airport has a meditation/yoga room to relax in, that’s a great place to do it. Try it before¬†and after the flight if possible!¬†