Welcome to Zoranovich Chiropractic, Serving SF’s Mission-Bernal neighborhood (and beyond!) 

Our team is here to help you feel at home in your body, rest and heal from the past, and feel like yourself again. 

Trauma-Informed, Neurodiversity-Savvy, LGBTQIA+ Care

People who heal from past injuries and traumas do more than just alleviate pain and symptoms. We see every day that people who are healing their bodies find more meaning, satisfaction, and joy in their whole lives. We specialize in care for LGBTQIA+ communities, people with identity trauma, and neurodiverse populations.

Neurodiverse and LGBTQIA+ populations experience the world and their bodies differently than neurotypical and straight people. As such, LGBTQIA and ND bodies work differently than neurotypical and straight bodies, and have different needs from care. We specialize in working with people who move through the world differently.

As we heal from whatever has happened to us, we feel more free to live as the best versions of ourselves. We get to focus more on the things that really matter to us, and that lets us make the world a better place together.