Your body is self-healing!
Your body is smart. You went from a pair of tiny cells into trillions of them over 9 months. More amazingly, you are still doing it. You continue to grow and adapt to new changes.

Your body isn’t wrong!
Either something is in the way, or your body is intelligently adapting
Your body doesn’t need to be fixed or put back the way it used to be. Our job in this office is to get the stuck places moving again, so your brain gets the fuel it needs to feel and function its best: nourishing, pleasurable movement. When you get stuck, your brain gets stressed and adapts, sometimes in ways that feel really painful. This isn’t a mistake! Pain is a messenger; don’t ask us to shoot the messenger.

Your body can be in defense or healing – not both
When our bodies protect themselves, we go into tunnel vision. It’s harder to think clearly, it’s harder to empathize with the people we care about (much less strangers!) We can either be protecting or expanding, but not both at the same time. Which one do you want to be hanging out in?

Your body works best when you work with it
You don’t need (or want) to force it
Pushing through your resistance, trying to make yourself stretch further, exercise harder, eat “healthier,” etc, can actually increase stress and tension in the body. Instead of moving yourself toward your health goals, forcing yourself in this way can slow you down or even make you feel worse. We do it differently, here, seeing how much change we can make with minimal effort, and create cumulative change.

Sustainable change is built with momentum over time
All change is stressful, even if it’s the right change. Making small changes over time leads to lasting and cumulative results. Too much change at once can feel unfamiliar or even unsafe to your brain, causing your nervous system to reject the change and go back to old way.

Healing happens in relationship and in community
Our deepest healing happens in relationship. Whether it’s one part relating to another part in the community of our body, or your heart relating to someone else’s in a community of friends and family, it’s in relationship and in community that we find belonging, inspiration, and the encouragement that improving ourselves takes. Being part of a caring community that is focused on healing makes it easier to put our own healing and growth into context. It’s easier to understand our struggles when we see others wrestling with the same problems, and easier to celebrate our victories when there’s someone who “gets it” to invite to the party.

Doctor Sam Z is dedicated to providing excellent care that changes the way our community thinks about our bodies and health.