The opportunity to serve and make a difference in people’s lives is why we are here! Check out some of the things our patients have to say:

“Hey, Dr Z! I am in the middle of a long walk on my way to see a friend. I just wanted to stop and take a second to thank you. When we first started working together you said that getting rid of my pain was less important than our goals. At the time getting rid of the pain was what I was so hyper focused on. But today, as I’m walking and feeling the perfection of the warm sun and cool breeze, noticing no fear or worry about walking, just content and enjoying it, I am so thankful that we started all of this with intention of just being able to enjoy walking again. Because I am and I truly feel it’s because of the work you’ve been helping me with. Tl;dr: Thank you – you are the best.”



“Since Tuesday evening, I have had so much energy, been very clear and focused, more sustained energy throughout the day, increased sex drive… it’s like everything is working. It’s amazing. On Wednesday I was just really clear, focused, energetic, kind of euphoric, felt very powerful.”

“Sam is amazing. He’s a great guy who cares deeply about his patients. He took me from a state of having my left heel constantly striking in pain to not feeling any pain at all in about a month. My back was very messed up.

His techniques are sometimes “Did something happen?” Then you feel your muscles and tension relax in an area he worked on over the next few days. And you’re amazed a few days later as to how you feel!

His rates are extremely reasonable for the amazing work he does. If you’re reading this, take a chance. He’s awesome.”