Traumas leave us feeling broken or fragmented. Physical injuries, emotional losses, all traumas leave their mark on the nervous system and body. Your greatest gifts can be shared only when your fragmented parts can come back together in a feeling of wholeness. we take a body-based approach to healing and growing. Check out some of the things our patients have to say:

Zoranovich Chiropractic
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Oona P.
Oona P.
2020-02-10 18:57:49
Dr. Z is a magical human. Since starting with him last summer, I have seen so much healing occur. I came to see him because I was dealing with a lot of... read more
Corey P.
Corey P.
2020-02-07 14:49:44
Sam is a talented chiropractor and one of the most generous people I have ever met. (They're also HILARIOUS!) What really sets their practice apart is the... read more
Candace C.
Candace C.
2019-09-17 11:45:29
Dr. Z proved to me that chiropractic care is something that my body needed. He can tell what might need to be adjusted that day by just looking at you and... read more

The Chicken Wizard
The Chicken Wizard
02:33 24 Oct 19
I would rate 6 stars if i could; besides the amazing talent of Dr Z, the interior atheistic truly makes your body and... soul feel at peace. Splendid work Fruncle!read more
Tj C
Tj C
00:15 03 Oct 19
Dr. Zoranovich is such a wonderful human, besides being an intuitive and terrifically competent Chiropractor. I’ve had... all my pains and aches melt away over the past few months, and it feels incredible to live pain free. He’s also great at linking our body response back to emotional experiences. You’ll love your adjustments and the dialogue that goes with them. I can’t recommend his services enough!read more
Mason Kirby
Mason Kirby
02:00 03 May 19
Dr Z has had an immediate and profound impact on my posture and mitigation of pain. Along with his referral network, he... is a gifted practitioner that I recommend more
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“Hey, Dr Z! I am in the middle of a long walk on my way to see a friend. I just wanted to stop and take a second to thank you. When we first started working together you said that getting rid of my pain was less important than our goals. At the time getting rid of the pain was what I was so hyper focused on. But today, as I’m walking and feeling the perfection of the warm sun and cool breeze, noticing no fear or worry about walking, just content and enjoying it, I am so thankful that we started all of this with intention of just being able to enjoy walking again. Because I am and I truly feel it’s because of the work you’ve been helping me with. Tl;dr: Thank you – you are the best.”


“Since Tuesday evening, I have had so much energy, been very clear and focused, more sustained energy throughout the day, increased sex drive… it’s like everything is working. It’s amazing. On Wednesday I was just really clear, focused, energetic, kind of euphoric, felt very powerful.”

“Sam is amazing. He’s a great guy who cares deeply about his patients. He took me from a state of having my left heel constantly striking in pain to not feeling any pain at all in about a month. My back was very messed up.

His techniques are sometimes “Did something happen?” Then you feel your muscles and tension relax in an area he worked on over the next few days. And you’re amazed a few days later as to how you feel!

His rates are extremely reasonable for the amazing work he does. If you’re reading this, take a chance. He’s awesome.”


The results really speak for themselves. Check out these patients’ progress after 1-3 months of care:

The next pair of images illustrate a “mid-point” of correction, in the middle of the corrective phase of care. These images are before-and-after for 3 months of care, and you can see how the shoulders in the side view have drifted backward relative to the hips and ankles. My experience is that posture correction includes a period of overcorrection of the former problem. It’s like a wave moves through the body over the course of several months:

Here in the front view, the correction is more subtle but really significant; notice how the hips and shoulders are more level. The wear and tear on joints from uneven tension is huge. Correcting that helps the body work better for longer!


The next pair of images are 3 months apart, and show the results of the corrective phase of care. Pay particular attention to the head tilt and ribcage on the front view. Note how much the head position has changed in the side view. How much less energy is she wasting now that her head is on top of her shoulders? How much more open and confident does she look?

The following patient got his height back, regaining about .25″ from getting his head back on top of his shoulders and unkinking his alignment.


3 months between the pre and post images. Which body would be easier to move and live in?


The following patient presented with ongoing low back pain, fatigue, pain down the legs into the knees, and neck pain. After a month of consistent care, his back pain is 80% resolved, the neck pain has reduced to just stiffness, and he didn’t remember that he had had leg pain.


The following patient presented with a herniated disc of 11mm, sciatic nerve pain in his calves and feet, and difficulty sleeping due to chronic pain.

This set of images are after 1 month of care on the left, and 2 months on the right. His sciatic pain has gone from severe enough to wake him up to mild and occasional (full disclosure: he also had a cortisone shot about 2 weeks before the image on the left. Medicine and chiropractic work well together!)

The following patient had low back and neck pain, and depression symptoms. 5 months later both have resolved. Further care will most likely reduce the shoulder tension and anxiety symptoms he’s still managing.

The following patient was in a car accident and had a concussion with headache and fuzzy thinking, as well as upper back pain. One month in, she is no longer feeling blurry, her headaches have cleared, and her posture has moved much closer to midline.


I’ve hesitated even to post this next study for a few months, because his results were so enormous that they almost look too good to be true! They really speak for themselves. When he came into my office, this patient had a lot of back pain, gluteal pain, difficulty walking, and most crucially, he couldn’t play with his niece.