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Making waves, pt1

Hey all-

This video goes through some of the basic concepts that underlie my posture work, and also gives you a movement to practice that will help you disrupt problem posture, and train your brain to come out of self-defense and habitual guarding. Check it out!



What I’m looking for and correcting

In this video I explain what it is that I’m looking for and seeking to correct in my patients. It’s all about the brain!

This takes 2-5 minutes. You can stretch it out to as long as 10 if you have time! It’s just lying down, but it’s lying down with a purpose!

Perfect: do this every hour you’re working at a computer, or sitting.

Awesome: do this 3 times today.

Good: Do this at least once!

Get this 3 times today if you can. In the perfect world, set a timer on your phone to go off every hour, and spend 1-2 minutes doing this. You’ll feel the difference!

This exercise is not for the faint of heart – it is uncomfortable. It is definitely not for those with shoulder injuries.

Otherwise, if you sit at a desk or spend much time with your nose in your phone, this one is for you!

You need 2 small weights to do this exercise. Cans of soup will actually work just fine. A bench is great, but hanging off the corner of your bed will work, too.

Quick Posture Practice 6/13/16

Disrupt your habitual day! Do this 3 times today, and you will end the day feeling better than if you skip it and just stay in your usual routine.

I recommend using this movement meditation to create more flexibility and reduce pain and tension in the low back.

I recommend practicing this in order to free up movement and reduce tension in the upper back and neck. Try it once a day for a week and see what you notice!

Quick Posture Practice 6/9/16

Get up and try it! 2 minutes to help bring your head back on top of your body.


NB: Doing this once is about as useful as brushing your teeth once. Daily attention is required to make meaningful changes. So try it once, and then try it again!

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