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For your mid-back!

We all know deep breathing is good for us. Making it easier to take that full deep breath is exactly what this video is for, as well as alleviating tension and loosening up the rib-cage and shoulders. Try it out!


BONUS! This second video requires an elastic exercise band, but takes this exercise to the next level. You can reduce tension and increase the range of motion. I like these exercise bands, but any you like are great.

Loosen up your hips and back

Simple isolation exercises can be really powerful tools for creating a feeling of looseness and ease in your body. This simple practice can be used daily (or even hourly!) to open up the low back, hips, and pelvis. It also helps you look great on the dance floor! ­čśë

Open your whole spine!

This is one of my favorite exercise sequences. I got this sequence from my friend and colleague Dr Satya over at Resilience Artist.┬áCheck out the rest of her offerings there, she’s frankly brilliant.

This sequence is a great daily practice that takes no more than 5-10 minutes, and really improves range of motion of the spine, and also takes tension off of the spinal cord (and brain!), reducing the overall stress response in the brain with repetition over time. If you have any questions, just drop us an email at

Chronic Stress, shaking and seaweed

When the body goes into “stress mode,” we lose the ability to think clearly. Ever tried to do math while being chased by a lion?

Kidding aside, the brain under stress is really good at staying alive, but not so good at focusing on what brings greater joy, meaning and connection. To get out of stress mode and back into rest and play mode, this video offers some simple practices and a framework for understanding why movement, even small and frankly silly movements, can be powerful medicine for shifting gears and building resilience.

Burning Man Resilience Building

Hey Burners!

As you’re getting ready for the Burn this year, remember that you’re about to do something incredibly stressful. Your skin takes a hit. Your lungs take a hit. Your brain (even if you aren’t using mind-altering substances) takes a big hit, from the stress of adapting to the climate and the stress of adapting to the very different culture! These practices are a great way to build into your body some extra resilience, so you can bounce back faster, get yourself out of the stress response quickly, and build a big reserve, to better handle the intensity of being there and returning.

Have a great burn!

This video puts it all together in a 3-minute exercise that will increase limberness and flexibility, warm up your spine, and get set for the day. Try it out!


Making waves, pt 2

This wave exercise moves your spine side to side. This lateral movement emulates the movements of fish and reptiles, and can free up your neurology to feel more comfortable taking up space. If you’re going to┬ábe a star, you have to let yourself shine bright! Try it out!

Making waves, pt1

Hey all-

This video goes through some of the basic concepts that underlie my posture work, and also gives you a movement to practice that will help you disrupt problem posture, and train your brain to come out of self-defense and habitual guarding. Check it out!



What I’m looking for and correcting

In this video I explain what it is that I’m looking for and seeking to correct in my patients. It’s all about the brain!

This takes 2-5 minutes. You can stretch it out to as long as 10 if you have time! It’s just lying down, but it’s lying down with a┬ápurpose!

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