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This video puts it all together in a 3-minute exercise that will increase limberness and flexibility, warm up your spine, and get set for the day. Try it out!


Making waves, pt 2

This wave exercise moves your spine side to side. This lateral movement emulates the movements of fish and reptiles, and can free up your neurology to feel more comfortable taking up space. If you’re going to be a star, you have to let yourself shine bright! Try it out!

Making waves, pt1

Hey all-

This video goes through some of the basic concepts that underlie my posture work, and also gives you a movement to practice that will help you disrupt problem posture, and train your brain to come out of self-defense and habitual guarding. Check it out!



This takes 2-5 minutes. You can stretch it out to as long as 10 if you have time! It’s just lying down, but it’s lying down with a purpose!

Perfect: do this every hour you’re working at a computer, or sitting.

Awesome: do this 3 times today.

Good: Do this at least once!

Get this 3 times today if you can. In the perfect world, set a timer on your phone to go off every hour, and spend 1-2 minutes doing this. You’ll feel the difference!

This exercise is not for the faint of heart – it is uncomfortable. It is definitely not for those with shoulder injuries.

Otherwise, if you sit at a desk or spend much time with your nose in your phone, this one is for you!

You need 2 small weights to do this exercise. Cans of soup will actually work just fine. A bench is great, but hanging off the corner of your bed will work, too.

I recommend using this movement meditation to create more flexibility and reduce pain and tension in the low back.

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