I was diagnosed with multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (a genetic defect in the growth of my long bones) when I was 12 years old, and underwent a series of corrective surgeries to reduce the knee pain I had been experiencing since I was 7. Because of these surgeries, I can walk relatively normally and painlessly, now. I have spent years learning to manage the challenges that the condition and surgeries created, and apply everything I continue to learn from my own body to working with yours. I take particular delight, therefore, in working with “special” bodies; i.e., those  who also have a history of surgery, early injury, or genetic variation (such as scoliosis, for instance). Whatever your history, whatever has happened to you and your body, I look forward to helping you find your thriving again.

I  have been passionate about serving the LGBTQ, poly, and kinky communities since I began working in health and wellness, and actively welcome trans, queer, poly, and kinky people (and all of our allies!)  to join my practice in full confidence of being a part of an affirming, celebratory community.